Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Heavens....

Psalm 19:1 says "the heavens declare the glory of God." Good thing our "model" of "the heavens" is nothing like the real thing! The boys had a great time making a model of the solar system. They had to measure each balloon and try to make it on as accurate a scale as possible...all except for the sun. I got the biggest balloon I could, but, it still wouldn't be accurate.

After school we went over to the park to ride bikes. The boys and Sweet Pea ended up jumping in the creek. It was SO HOT! We didn't stay as long as we normally would...we just couldn't.

I started a reward system for Ethan. For every chapter book he reads he gets 5 points. After 20 points he'll get to pick a reward from the dollar store...I know...sounds terrible...but, they actually love going to the dollar store! He took a flashlight to bed tonight so he could finish one of his books. He looks so grown up...can't believe how time is flying by!

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