Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jr. Ranger Program ~ Complete

Today we headed up to Cades Cove for our last Jr. Ranger program. It was so much fun. It was "Animal Olympics"....I'd highly recommend taking part in this one! It's a ton of fun and very educational. The kids got to compare their own senses with that of animals in the park. It really gave them a good idea of just how amazing some of the animals are.

Before the actual program, we got out and the kids ran around awhile. We saw a coyote for the first time. Then, Luke spotted a black bear that was at a good, safe distance. We saw a turkey and some deer up close. We saw a bunch of long-eared bats hanging in the second floor of one of the cabins too. The boys got a kick out of watching them. The boys also had a lot of fun exploring some nature trails that we've never taken before.

Awkward pose for mom while trying to go through the fence...

We walked a little ways down the trail to the Elijah Oliver cabin and had a picnic.

Testing their sense of smell....

Could they outrun a coyote or bear?

Luke said, "If I grow up...I want to be a weal wanger."

Shortly after this, my cousin's little boy was going to kill a beetle in front of Ethan. He yells, "Did you not hear my oath?!?!?"

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