Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Time

Tonight we went over to the park after dinner. We went with nets, buckets, and of course, cameras. Chad and the boys got nice and muddy looking for salamanders, crawdads, frogs, etc. They didn't catch any frogs this time, but, they got lots of other stuff. They caught several baby salamanders.

They found lots of little crawdads

and tiny baby salamanders.

Luke is so funny...he's always off in his own imaginary world. I kept watching him...he was definitely up to something...but, I have no idea what. Side note: Today in the bathroom at Lowe's, he was having some kind of Ninja fight with one of the stall doors...just totally oblivious to people coming in and out. He does a good job of keeping himself entertained. :o)

Chad's such a good dad. He was so tired when he got home from work...but, he still is there for his boys. I love how Ethan's holding his hand here...they just love him!

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