Saturday, July 10, 2010

Camping July 2010

This past week Chad was off work, so we decided to take a camping trip. We love Cheoah Point Campground in NC. It's on a very nice lake and has some great campsites.

We felt like the Beverly Hillbillies. My uncle gave Chad a little jon boat so we stuck it in the back of his truck. Him and the boys had fun going out in it. Oh yeah....Sweet Pea liked it too.

We had a longer drive than usual because of the rock slide on 129. But, it still wasn't bad.

Here's our campsite. They have these sites out on a little peninsula. They're a little more private and right on the water. We loved it.

Sweet Pea got in lots of swimming!

Chad wanted to do something special for Ethan. So, he gave Ethan one of his pocket knives. Ethan felt so special and loves to sit and widdle. We also had lots of great opportunities for him to help us out with it.

Sweet Pea got very worn out. She was awesome the whole time. She slept right outside our tent and never barked. She's come so far.

Chad read Proverbs to the boys by the fire.

Luke loves "bad mitten".

The boys discovered this spider...I've never seen one this huge.

We went to the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. It was so neat. I've never seen trees so big in my life. It was a great 2 mile hike. The boys and Sweet Pea did great.

We did it!

At the end, Chad showed the boys how to catch salamanders and crawdads with their hands.

The boys had a blast with the marshmallow launcher.

Of course....they roasted LOTS of marshmallows.

We were so dirty. This is Ethan after he washed his face! We were all nasty, but, didn't care. We were having so much fun.

There is a nice beach area for swimming and me and the boys hung out there a couple of times while Chad got in some fishing time.

Sweet Pea has gotten really attached to Chad. She gets all upset whenever he leaves her. He was pulling his boat in to load it up and she swam out to him. When she cant' get to him she sits and whimpers. She's really such a sweet dog.

We had a great time. We had so much quality family time. No cellphones, leapsters, was great. I feel so blessed with my family. I have 2 great little boys, a sweet dog, and a wonderful husband who is the best daddy to my boys. I am blessed.

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