Sunday, September 23, 2012

One year ago

One year ago....feels like yesterday.
One year ago...we lost 2 unborn babies...I thought I was dying...I almost died...I thought our 2 children in Africa would never get home.
Things were so different a year ago.   In August things started to spiral out of control.  Our car gave out..I had a miscarriage...Chad broke his foot and would be out of work for 3 months...I had a ruptured tubal pregnancy and almost died.    We were stuck in limbo with adoption stuff...waiting for what seemed like forever for our kids to become "our's" legally.

It was a heartbreaking and confusing time.   At the same time, God was so close and friends and church were so good.   Now, thing are so different.   It's weird to look back at the blog from last year.   All the pictures are missing 2 kids!  It's crazy...seems like they've been here forever!

Last year, I was released from the hospital on our anniversary.   Chad and I were both wheeled out of the hospital in wheel chairs.  Ha!  It's laughable now. :)

We are coming up on our 10th wedding anniversary and we are going to get away for a couple of days.   A year ago...we thought our kids would never get we're counting the hours until we can get away and get a little break! God is so good! This year...I'm a lot more thankful.  Thankful to be here and thankful for the littles and my husband.

Here are a couple of posts from a year ago:


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