Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Girl

Christy will be turning 7 on Saturday.   The day after she got home we celebrated Luke's 6th birthday.  She has never had her birthday celebrated.  She didn't even know when it was until she came home and we told her.    Since Luke's party, she has asked just about everyday how many days it is until her birthday.  I thought we'd never get there!!!   Now, here we are, just 5 days away!

As her birthday got closer I started thinking about how I wished I had been able to be there when she turned 1...2...etc.   I wished that for us and her.   So, I thought we would just have to make up for those years we missed.  

Yesterday....6 days before her 7th bday...we gave her a present for her first birthday that we missed.  Just a dress that I made for her...but, it's special to each of us. :)    We are giving her a gift each day for the 6 years me missed out on.   Today she got a doll dress that matched her dress.  She has been beaming!   Ethan was so sweet.  He made her a pillow for her 2nd birthday. :)  She ran around singing, "I love you Ethan, I love you Ethan, etc.".   It meant a lot to her.

I'm thankful for this little girl.   Her laugh is contagious and her smile is huge.   She amazes me.  I admire her so much.  She's been through more than I can imagine...yet she is so full of life.   I'm thankful she's in my life.

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Christy said...

So sweet...I'm choking up!