Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Days of Summer

After some beautiful, fall-like weather, we've had a couple of very hot days.   As usual, when it's time to do our outdoor chores and clean up...the kids end up filthy and sometimes wet! 

Today was very hot.  So, we fed and watered the chickens, checked on the ducks and took care of the baby chicks.  Then, Moses and Ethan grabbed a tub and filled it with water.  The got soaking wet BEFORE taking off their shoes and regular clothes.  I guess they couldn't resist!  

Here is the great big brother...shielding himself with his 2 year old brother.

I'm not going to lie and say my kids always look like this....they have their share of fights and getting on each other's nerves.  But, I'm so thankful they have each other, and I think they'd say they are too!   They're not missing out on anything...I can't imagine if they were missing out on each other!  How sad that would be!


Christy said...

How sweet!! Daniel's been known to use Michael as a shield as's what big brothers do! :)

The Runyans said...