Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It literally rained all day yesterday, all night and then a lot of the day today here!   This afternoon we had a break in the rain so the kids made a run for it!   As soon as we stepped outside you could hear the little spring running into our pond!  What joy!  The kids were in heaven!   We were just talking about how low our pond was.   Well, today, things that were on the shore are now floating. ugh.  One of those things is our dog kennel which was recently used to pick up two ducks! They're beautiful and seem to like our place.  They come up and visit us occasionally but stick around the pond.  Which is good...our last ducks visited our neighbor's swimming pool and that's why we had to say goodbye to them.   

I LOVE watching the kids just dive into nature.   They just automatically start digging for worms, tossing rocks and sticks, having mud fights.  It's awesome.   

"mama...hol' me"

We recently planted a bunch of stuff for a fall garden...it's our first time.   It's so exciting to see some sprouts again!


Christy said...

I hope you have a fruitful fall...we were pitiful this year, so we're "letting the ground rest" this fall and start it up in the spring. ;)

The Runyans said...

these are awesome. love the one of christy's legs!