Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chad and I are up in gatlinburg for two nights to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  We both slept until we woke up.  It's he first time I've really slept in months.  I usually have at least one kiddo in my bed.   Most nights two...and sometimes 3 or 4.  I woke up feeling wonderful.  I don't think I realized how worn out I was feeling.  

I was able to sit out on the balcony and have quiet time this morning.  It wa so peaceful and quiet.  I needed the time with god so badly.  I felt so revived by him.  But also, in his love, he really convicted me.  I've been trying to do so much without him...and my kids are paying the price.  I'm not swing them the love of Jesus...I can't if I'm not having quality time with him.  I've been squeezing it in where I can and praying "lord, help me!" all day.   But if I'm not walking in his strength and grace I can't show it to my kids.   The have treating each other very "ugly" lately.  This morning, what I already knew became more real.  They are acting just like me.  Impatient, no grace, etc.  I got on the phone with each kid this morning.  When christy got on she asked if I knew "that song about Jesus".  I asked which one and then she started to sing Jesus loves me.  "little ones to Him belong.  They are weak but He is strong.  Yes Jesus loves me...".   "my" little ones belong to Him.  They are weak, but HE is strong and he can shine through me if I'll let Him.

Now off to enjoy my sweet husband.   So thankful for him!


Christy said...

We all go through those times when we forget where our strength truly comes from. Glad you're having a chance to refocus and revive during your trip/retreat. :) Happy Anniversary!

The Runyans said...

happy 10th. we had planned since we got married that we would go to hawaii on our 10th, but guess what? we were in the middle of an adoption process!! :)

god is good. getting away is so nice.....the last time i did it was when i went to the adoption conference in atlanta. you are going to have such a great time!!! :)