Friday, June 8, 2012

My mom went to visit an orphanage in Togo for a few days recently.  The little girl, Alexie, that we sponsor...and had hoped to adopt...lives there.  We were excited to get lots of new pictures of her and also that my mom got to get to know her a little.

Mom put together this little video when she got back to Ghana.  Please take a few minutes to watch it.

Every picture we had seen of the kids eating here, they were always eating on the floor. So, this past Christmas, we felt like God spoke to us about what He wanted us to do... instead of buying ANY gifts for our kids or each other, we spent our "Christmas money" on buying tables and chairs for this home.    As we watched this video, we saw the table and chairs and were so excited.  But, then we saw that they were basically the only furniture they have.   Can you imagine?  Looking back, I remember being so tempted go out and just buy ONE gift for the kids...I wanted to get them something so bad.   Seeing this made me so glad I didn't though.  We still have way TOO MUCH.  Would my kids even know where those toys are now?  Would they be tired of them already?   They'd probably be lost or broken.  While watching this, I knew we'd be doing the same this Christmas.  I'm still learning that so many thing that I think are a necessity are really a big WANT.  This home does not have a couch for crying out loud!!  You have to have a couch don't you????   I'm not dogging have a couch...we have one! :)  I'm just many live with just the VERY basics for living, while I selfishly waste and spend so much on myself.

These children are just beautiful and there are countless others like them.   Please pray about what you can do to reach out to them.

The organization that provides food and water to this home is Feeding the orphans.  

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