Friday, June 8, 2012

What we've been up to...

We went camping last weekend.  It was FREEEEEZING at night!!!   We somehow survived the cold, children falling off the air mattresses all night, one child walking in her sleep saying, "I can't sleep here", and did I mention the cold?   We stayed until late the 2nd night and then headed home and hopped in our own beds!   We had a lot of fun though.  Christy couldn't quite wrap her head around this concept of sleeping in a tent when you have a house, but, she loved it and has begged to do it again. :)

Notice Moses' hair.  After the camping trip, I tried to pick all of the gravel and dirt out, but, it was hurting him and I was over it so we just buzzed it.   He had some bald spots anyways, so hoping shaving it will help it to grow in better. 

He never used to look at the camera for he does this cheesy grin every time he spots me with the camera.  So cute!

Our broody hen "Rose" (named by Ethan).   We finally got her off of the eggs so we could collect them and she ran to the water!  She was so thirsty.   
Today I also witnessed a hawk try to get on of our white hens!  It was crazy and so close! 

We have been squishing bugs in the garden every single day!  I'm thankful the kids havent' thought to pull out the camera and video me doing it.  They've gotten quite a few laughs out of it.  Despite our efforts, something is chewing up our cucumber and green bean plants!  

Can't wait for these tomatoes to ripen!

Baby Watermelon

Dirt was not good enough...they had to make some MUD!

The them!  

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Lola Crain said...

I absolutely love these pics! Made me cry looking at them. Moses looks so different without hair! The kids look so good and so do you and Chad.