Thursday, June 21, 2012

3 Months Home...What we've been up to!

June 15th marked 3 months home!  Seems like way longer.  The kids are doing so good.  They've come a long way.  Christy's english is improving daily.   I've been informed that we have just gotten used to hearing her talk and most people still can't understand her.  But, she is learning the correct way to say things.  We have also picked up some things that are funny.   I now say "Come!" to all of my kids!   Luke says, "Christy!  See!".   We all say rubbish instead of garbage.  There are things we have picked up without even noticing...just because we've had to for the sake of them understanding what we're saying.   Moses has started to put words together and is talking so much more.  

Moses is still sleeping with me...which I love, but, I don't get much sleep.  Christy is learning new things everyday.  She has so much to learn as far as boundaries and what's appropriate/inappropriate, using her "inside voice", etc.   She is doing so well and I really respect her for taking everything the way she has.  It must be so hard!   She's a sweet girl.

I'm trying to learn some different ways to do Christy's hair....the think I do most is two strand twists. This is a few weeks was looking pretty rough and we took it out right after this pic.

Then we tried bantu knots.  They looked really cute, but, I was really disappointed because the "knot out" didn't work out.   

Father's Day lunch with dad!

Lentil Sprouts

Bedtime...reading Jesus Storybook Bible

This explains why Moses' hair got buzzed.  His first instinct is to cover himself, starting with is hair, with whatever he has on hand...dirt, peanut butter, whatever!

Stuff is doing pretty good in the garden! 


I got some heirloom seeds and these are turning out so pretty.  THey are rainbow beans.

Several Watermelons getting big!  I got some moon and stars melons, but, I don't think they are growing.  The outside is supposed to be purple...I also planted some of these regular watermelons.  

I'm having a hard time with our cucumbers.  We've only gotten a few good ones.  The rest have been bitter and misshapen! 

These tomatoes have been huge for weeks!  I can't wait for them to ripen.  I'm starting to wonder if they ever will????

Luke next to the tomato plants...they are way taller than him!

Green Beans


I don't know if you can tell from the pics...but, her hair has grown so much in the past 3 months!

More dirt

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