Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ethan is going to Ghana!!!!

  Yesterday we headed to our appt at the health dept. to get Ethan's travel vaccines.   It's a long story, but, he could not get it there and they would not be able to give it to him in time for him to go on the trip.  We wasted hours and hours in the car and accomplished ZERO. 

SOOOOO.....I freaked, panicked, flipped out on my kids, and apologized over and over for my BAD attitude!   Then, as we did our family devotions...the title was "Do Not Worship Your Worries".   Ha! I immediately slinked down in the couch and was embarrassed because that's exactly what I had done all day long!   Meanwhile, my 7 year old continued to have a wonderful attitude.  He even wanted to get his shots knowing he did not have enough money to go on the trip.    He kept saying he felt like God was telling him he should go to Ghana and if it wasn't now, then maybe another time.   

I got up this morning and only one place could get us in for his shots and it was in Nashville!  So we went and got his shots!   It felt good to get that taken care of.  He was tough.  I almost cried when I got the yellow fever shot...it HURTS!   He only cried a little. :)

Since we were in Nashville and we cannot seem to get to 100 days of school....we found a little museum that was free and pretty cool.  It was an agricultural museum that had great exhibits, indoors and out.    I don't care what anybody says...it's counting for a day of school!

So...Ethan has his visa, shots, but is lacking about 7 or 800 dollars.   When we checked the mail this evening...there was something for Ethan (we knew this was coming, but, he did not).   Some friends of ours called last week and said that God told them to give Ethan $750!!!!  This brought me to tears because it's such a huge amount anyways, but, this is a young couple in the process of adopting 2 girls! What a sacrifice!!!!   I'm so thankful for people that are such an amazing example to us and our children!   It moves me to see how much God loves Ethan.   I know this has done so much for his heart.   God is so good!!!!

Here is Ethan's reaction!  My boys are so goofy!

Also, we had our visa interview this morning.  It went well except for a few things that are needed.  Our POA will take those to the embassy on Thursday and hopefully they will print our visas quickly!!!  


SmallWorld at Home said...

That was AWESOME!!!

sarah in the woods said...

YAY!! I'm so excited for Ethan and all of you!
And that's exactly what Larkin would have done.