Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today I woke up and felt WONDERFUL!  It's the first day where I haven't felt nauseous and like I had to drag myself out of bed.   I had energy and felt like I could do what needed to be done.  I was a little sore because I moved our bedroom furniture around the night before...but, other than that it was glorious! This recovery has been rough and frustrating.   Our kids could be home in the next couple of weeks and I have not been able to do anything to get ready for them.  It's like nesting when you're mind is going crazy with all this stuff I need and want to do, but, my body won't do it!   So, now I'm going crazy!  I cleaned the carpets, took stuff to Salvation Army, etc.  It feels so good...I should say "felt" good...I'm kind of thinking I overdid it now.   

We've been having fun watching Ethan play basketball.  He's doing upward so it's really laid back.  His coach is great.   It's a great learning experience for them.   Watching Ethan reminds me so much of myself.   I really had to work at sports but I really enjoyed them.  He's doing really good.   I remember my parents and coaches having to tell me over and over to be aggressive and fight for the ball.  I think it's going to be the same with Ethan.  He's just too nice! :)   It reminds me of a time he came to me crying at Water Angels one day.  He told me that this kid wouldn't get off of him and kept hitting him in the face so, "I just HAD to hit him".   He's such a good kid.  Love this guy!

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