Tuesday, March 1, 2011

T Shirts For Sale

We are so excited about how God has provided so far! It's been amazing to watch Him meet our needs little by little. We are now at a place where we have our biggest chunk of money to raise so far. We need to raise $5000 for adoption fees. We also need to be raising money for our airfare, so that once it's time to go to court, we can buy plane tickets.

We're trying to raise the money several ways:

1. T Shirts - $15.00 each.
We need to sell what we have left.
These are the sizes we still have available:
1- XS youth
1 - S youth
2- L youth
1 - XL youth
3- S adult
1 - L adult
8 - XL adult

2. Photography
I'm doing mini sessions on March 18th and 19th. Also, if anyone would like to book a regular session, I'm offering them for $300. This includes the session and cd of all images.

3. Yard Sale
We are planning to do another yard sale in April. If you have anything you need to get rid of...we'd be happy to take it for you! :o)

Any other fundraising ideas are welcome as well!!!! We also ask for your prayers.

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