Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Party 2011

As soon as it started to get close to Ethan's birthday, he kept saying he wanted to paint his face camo and play hide and seek for his party. Well, it's never good weather for thier birthday's. So, we tried to make being inside as fun as being outside. We got camo face paint. Chad brought home a few huge boxes from work, which turned into a tunnel/tank in our hallway and a big fort in their bedroom. I decorated their cake in camo and decorated the table with fake scat, bugs, pinecones, etc. They thought it was awesome even thought it was a little gross. :o)

They had a shooting contest and a scavenger hunt...which led to a huge treasure. They each got their own variety pack of scat (Chocolate peanuts, raisins, and clusters). It was VERY LOUD in our house for a couple of hours. But they had a blast!!!

We had a full house with only immediate family and 2 of their close friends. We are blessed. :o)

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