Monday, March 14, 2011

Luke is 5!!!

My little Luke is 5 today! CRAZY!!! He's so excited that it's his birthday. We asked what he wanted to do tonight and he said he wanted to stay at our house. So sweet. So, we're baking a cake and he'll open his gift from us. We will also be having chocolate chip pancakes for dinner!!! Talk about way too much sugar! I love this little guy so much. Chad and I just watched Ramona and Beezus and cracked up the whole time because Ramona is so much like Luke. His imagination amazes me. It's constantly going! He can make anything fun. He does his karate moves to make automatic doors open, his food takes hours to eat because of the battles going on on his plate, and our dog apparently talks to him. He's so funny! He's also very stubborn and wants to do the opposite of what he's supposed to. He's very sensitive and hates to see people upset. He's the most generous, selfless little boy I know. He's such a blessing!

He didn't get his first tooth until he was almost 16 months!

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