Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I can't believe March is almost gone! My boys are 5 and 7 and we are getting closer and closer to meeting our babies in Ghana. My friend just got back from Ghana and has uploaded videos and pictures all day. We've been glued to the computer! One video that I have watched at least a dozen times is of our little girl saying "Hi Mummy...I love you". Melts my heart! The boys were so excited to see her with a necklace they made her and a picture they drew for her. Oh I can't wait to meet them!!!! Our dossier is over there and we are working on raising the needed money! Exciting!

In other news....our chicks and ducklings are getting big! The chicks are so funny. The fall asleep standing up and then fall flat on their stomachs and are out!

This little on had too much fun outside and couldn't stay awake :o)

The ducks are so funny...they are like little babies. They know how to let you know when they want something. They all start squawking in unison as loud as they can...no kidding!

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