Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tears and Laughter

Little Luke...Lukey Duke....or Dukey Dukey as Moses calls him...he's such a funny little guy.  He just makes me smile and laugh.   He's totally the dog from "UP"...the one that says "Squirrel!" mid-sentence.   He's a little dare devil. He loves to climb high up in the trees to use the's way more fun that way.  He loves to scale the outside of tube slides rather than go down through the inside.

His mind is always working.  He's got the best imagination.  Today this is what he told me:

"Mama!  I'm going to save up all my money until I have 200 DOLLARS!   Cuz I wanna be a millionaire!  You have to be a millionaire to have spies...right?"

He's also a lot more gullible than I realized.  The other day he started asking me about the tooth fairy...where does she live?  how does she get all the teeth? etc.   I couldn't tell if he was kidding at first and then realized he was serious.  We've never acted like any of those characters were real...or so we thought!    So...I told him that I am the one who takes their teeth and gives them money.   He laughed.   I reassured him it was true.  He said, "Mamaaaaa" like I was trying to pull one over on him.   So I reassured him again and he just said, "really?".   I could tell he still wasn't sure.   About an hour later he asked him again and then said, "Well...where are all the teeth?".    I told him where but he needed to see them.  So I showed him and you could see the disappointment for a minute but then he laughed and  was really suprised.     Tonight he asked Chad if I was really the tooth fairy for the whole world!   Ha...I really need to clarify for him.

It's been one...or two...of those weeks.  I told Chad I was calling to enroll the kids in school.  I sobbed almost every day he came home.  I felt like I just could not do this anymore.   I'm thankful that he reminded me WHY we homeschool.   I think it's really important to know exactly why I'm doing this.   I need to be able to cling to that some days. Other days are wonderful and things are full of great stuff.   Some things are harder than I expected.  Some things are way easier.   One thing is constant.  The ONE who has called us to this.   I'm thankful for little blessings that bring laughter and a smile in the midst of chaos and tears!


Sarah said...

I've had weeks like that too, where I really think I am going to enroll them in school. I never do, and it passes...

Christy said...

The ONE who has called you, is faithful and will equip you. Hang in there!!! :)