Thursday, April 11, 2013


We go through SO much honey.  It's really the only sweetener we use, besides maple syrup occasionally.   So, we decided to invest in bees so we can have our own honey.  We figured that down the road we might be able to even sell a little bit of honey.  So, we joined the Blount County Beekeepers Association and they have been awesome.   The meetings are fun and informative.  Ethan has really been excited about keeping bees.  He's not afraid of them in the least.  Today he even walked in the swarm with no protective gear at all!   Chad installed the bees pretty smoothly today so we'll see how it goes!   We expect to not be successful the first year, so if we are it will be a pleasant suprise.   The other bonus to bees is that they will help pollinate our garden and fruit trees.   It's also going to be a great experience as a family.

The queen bee and her attendants.

The bees showing acceptance of the queen bee.

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