Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bee Stings

So...we've been having so much fun with our new bees!   The other night some family members came over just to see them.  Well, the temp dropped and they came over later than our original plan.   So, all of the bees were inside the hive, which is when you are really not supposed to mess with them.   However, we've done it problem.   Well, there is one area we're really trying to help Christy with lately.  SHe grew up having to perform and fight for attention anytime there were visitors around her in the orphanage.   That instinct is still can see it click in her as soon as someone new is around or we're in a new place.   Even if it's negative attention...she has to try to get it.   So, in front of our guests, in attempt to steal the show, she runs and bangs on the hive.   Apparently the bees didn't like that and went into attack mode.   Thankfully no one is allergic (we needed to know anyways) and they look a lot worse than they feel.   Chad and I got stung but barely had a reaction at all.  It felt like a mosquito bite for a couple of days. 

The next day Luke was right back down there watching the bees.  I'm thankful it didn't make him scared of them.  Hopefully, we'll all just be a little smarter and more careful from now on.

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