Saturday, March 30, 2013


Today Chad actually had the day off.  The sun came out so we all headed outside.   

 We have been reading a book called Amon's Adventure as a family and it has been awesome!  It's hard to only read one chapter a day.   It's a great story and it also has helped keep our focus on the Resurrection.   We decided to make this little garden...we were late in getting started but it was still a great project to do together.

 Today ended up being beautiful so we all headed outside and worked together as a family.   The 3 big kids cleaned out the hen house.  I wasn't sure they could do it on their own but they did a great job and worked really hard! We added all of the chicken poo to our compost pile.  Then we shut the chickens in and let them go to work turning it for us.
Everyone worked hard but we also had a lot of fun!

Today I planted my winter sown veggies in the garden.  I'm really nervous about it.   They have survived frost, freezes, and snow so I'm not worried about the weather.  I'm worried about this rabbit!  We've set out a trap but haven't caught him yet.   So, I sprinkled red pepper all around the garden and on my plants.  I'm hoping they don't get eaten...I'm so excited to finally eat out of the garden again!    Hoping we do better than last year.   One problem I realized I have, is that I don't have enough room.   I have so many plants under lights and not that much room left int he, I'll have to figure that out!


Christy said...

Your plants look so delicious! My salad greens outside are so tiny still.

TheBowlingFamily said...

I actually planted those back in December or January. THey've been outside the whole time...I'm excited about them. Next year I want to do more winter sowing for sure!