Friday, March 1, 2013

So sad...

It's so sad when your kids start reading and realize they've been saying things wrong...but, they are the little things that melt your heart and make you smile every time they say them.  

Awhile back Luke read the words on a bag of marshmallows and turned around in shock and said, "I thought it was MARSHLELLOWS!  It's supposed to be marshMellows!".    So, now he says it the right sad!   Today we were doing reading with Christy.   Ethan was doing her flash cards and came to the letter U.   It had a picture of an umbrella and he was saying it very clearly for her.  "UN-BREL-LA".   I said, "'s UMbrella".  Luke yells, "WHen I was little you guys told me it was RAINbrella!". no more "rainbrellas" or "marshlellows".

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Christy said...

That's too funny!!!