Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today was a good day.  I've not been out of the house for a couple of days and my mom picked us up and took us to the mountains.   I needed the distraction.  I find that things hit me the hardest when I'm alone and have nothing to do.  I start to think about the events of the past week.   Then, I start to think about our kids in Africa.  I'm getting so impatient lately.  I just want them home now.  It's been really frustrating....just waiting and being helpless...knowing what they're going through.   While today was a good seems like there is a huge hole in our family...even in our day to day routines.  I cannot wait until we can  make these trips as a whole family.   This being still and knowing He is takes practice!

We went to Cades was great!  It drizzled the whole time so it wasn't too busy.  We didn't see much except for  7 bears!   There were two mama bears and 5 cubs.   All but two were way up high in an oak tree.   I couldn't believe how high they could get or how far out on the limbs of that tree.  I kept waiting for one to fall or for a branch to break.   It was also really neat to watch the mama on the ground.   She kept walking a circle around the tree...kind of marking her territory.   One of the cubs kept jumping to the ground and she would snort at it and it would jump back up on the tree really quickly.   It was so cute and kind of reminded me of me and my kids sometimes.   The boys stood and just watched for a long time.

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