Monday, December 27, 2010

Stockings, Snow Angels, Sledding, Snow Cream!

This past week has been amazing! We've had so much fun and made such great memories!

Christmas morning we got ready to head to downtown Knoxville. But, before we left we had the boys open their stockings. Chad and I each wrote them a letter (got that idea from a friend). It was really sweet watching Ethan soak in each letter. When he was done he let out a heartfelt "wow, thanks guys". I loved holding Luke on my lap and reading his letter to him. It was so special.

We then loaded up our baked goods, hot chocolate and coffee. We also had some blankets to pass out from a friend. Ethan walked around giving them out. We ran into some folks we know from Water Angels. It was neat to watch Ethan from a distance. It was like he felt so comfortable with the people and was so eager to give them something that would help them keep warm. We had a great time. Chad and I both said it was the best Christmas we've ever had!

This weekend we got several inches of snow! It was so much fun! Chad didn't have to worry about risking his life to get to work. We all just got to stay home and enjoy it. We did some sledding, made snow angels, and the boys rolled around in it.

After we came in, we had some hot chocolate and played games. Then, later we made some snow cream! Someone told Ethan about it and he begged to make some. So we just got some snow off the porch and added some sugar, cream, and sprinkles to it. It was actually really good!

I have no words for the rest of this.....

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