Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ice Storm and Gifts

We had an ice storm here last week. It was a little scary with all of the big trees we have over our house, but, thankfully it wasn't that bad. It was actually very pretty!

We went shopping yesterday for our kiddos in Ghana. It was so fun! The boys were disappointed when we had to finally get groceries. It's hard to find summer stuff right now, but, we managed to find a little skirt and shirt and some CUTE shoes. We also got a pack of onesies for baby. Our favorite thing was the "wooby". Each of our boys had one when they were babies. We found one that was an elephant and we got excited because it's going to Africa and it just seemed right! We are going to send a little photo album and hopefully it won't be too awfully long before we get to meet them in person. These gifts will be taken over by a couple that is going to be doing some mission work over there.

It's so strange. I've only seen pictures of our kids, but, I've fallen completely in love with them. It's like being pregnant...except totally different. You don't have them close to you, you can't make sure they are getting what they need, you can't feel them move...and you have no idea when you will see them. It's terrible and wonderful all at the same time! We're just blessed to be a part of what God is doing!
I think I'm going to like having a girl! :o)

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Melanie said... comment. Those shoes are absolutely adorable.

Mrs. Bowling, I am so excited for you all and look forward to walking with you guys and watching the process from a distance. God is so good! (When they come I will have even more precious little ones to babysit when you need me) :).

God is so gracious!
With love,