Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another fun day in the snow!

Today we decided to take the boys up to Cades Cove because they have never been (and it was too loud and crazy to stay in the house...we HAD to get out!) They had a good time. We don't have snow clothes and neither did, there were tears when their fingers froze and their socks and pants were wet. But, then we'd just get back in the car and warm up until we found another spot to do it all again. It was fun to see all of the snowmen. They were everywhere...every field, on fence posts, rocks, etc. We had snowball fights and tried to build a snowman or two...but, without gloves it just wasn't happening.

Notice Luke having a meltdown on the left.

The boys had also NEVER seen a deer before! We were so excited...we saw them everywhere today!

They were dying to get a stick and break up the ice to grab the quarters they saw!

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