Friday, May 3, 2013


14 months ago we were blessed by Moses Bernard coming into our family.   It really has been such a blessing.   The laughs, hugs, cuddles, kisses he has brought have been so precious.   He's such a funny little guy.  He's really, really sweet too.   As he slowly opened his gifts today he took the time to look at the cards and really look at each gift and was genuinely thankful for each thing.  It was really heart warming.   His brothers and sister love him so much!   They each had something for him.   Luke and Christy even spent all of their money on gifts for him.   

They were excited to decorate his cake.  I love homemade cakes and all of their special touches.   I think they taste better than most store bought cakes and the memories that are made are so precious.   :) They also taped balloons around the house that were quickly blown away by the wind. I loved watching them help make his day special.

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