Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Fun

Ethan found this guy in our parsley the other day.  It's a black swallowtail.  I think he's gorgeous!

We've been wanting to make kale chips and our kale was finally big enough to harvest some.   The kids did everything from harvest to baking them.  They had so much fun and they LOVE them!   They keep going to the garden to see if we have more kale ready.   

We now have peas, radishes, kale, and lettuce ready.  The kids have been picking and pulling everything, just wiping them off on their shirts and eating it all!  I love it!  I think it's so good for them and they're really starting to appreciate their food. 

Luke is absolutely obsessed with birds.   He carries his "Birds of Tennessee" book with him everywhere.   We put a feeder outside and he's constantly checking out what birds are visiting it. 

They all took turns shaking the bag with the oil and kale....they busted out some dance moves to make it more fun!

The kale chips were delicious!

Then we decided to have a small fire and roast some "marchlellows".  

I love days like this!  


Christy said...

I like looking at the birds that come to our bird feeders, too. I keep the bird book on top of the fridge, so I can identify them. My favorites are the bright yellow Wilson's warblers.

TheBowlingFamily said...

He was just looking at the warblers in his book today. We haven't seen them here. I want to take them bird watching somewhere that he'll be able to see some different kinds. I've really grown to love watching them too :)