Saturday, July 30, 2011

School Pictures 2011-2012

I absolutely love homeschooling! It's not that I feel like I'm adequate or am the best at it. Most of the time I'm a little overwhelmed and feel like I'm not doing a great job. I wouldn't trade it for the world though. I love the time that I get to spend with my boys. I get to be a part of everything that they are learning. I get to make sure that they see God's glory in everything that they learn. We get to have so much fun with each other and grow together. I love it and I love these boys!

One awesome thing about homeschooling is that I get to take their school pics! :) So, they're not the boring pics I have from school. Also, it becomes a learning experience in itself. We went up to the Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse for pics. We got to talk about the way of life back then and how the schoolhouse was built. Then we hiked up to the Walker Sisters Cabin. We found all kinds of cool creatures, got lots of exercise, and had a ton of fun. So...even though we haven't "officially" started school...I think we covered some history, science, and P.E.

Ethan is getting SO big. He just looks so much older to me all the time. He is such a good kid.

He is quite the bookworm. I handed him this very old book...just for looks. Well, he really got into and thought it was pretty good.

This pretty much explains Luke. A friend said he looks like he's cutting class! Well, he's also sweet and a very good kid. But, he's also pretty contrary and very daring.

See? Contrary.

Yup...contrary. This is even after I tried to bribe him with candy or something.

My mom came with us and the boys had a blast with her. She's a very fun mamaw. She was constantly splashing the boys and throwing nuts at the back of their heads while we were walking. So...when we were at the river, Ethan threw a handful of black mud at her and it splattered all over her face! It was so hard to not laugh and to get onto Ethan....because, well, she kind of asked for it!

This was how we saw Luke most of the hike. He cannot help but pick up every cool rock he sees and then throw it at something. So we kept looking back to see him finding rocks and then he'd have to run to catch up with us.

Luke could throw rocks forever.

Ethan could swim forever...he's a little fish!

We had a great day. I love time with my boys. Lately we've been a little consumed with adoption stuff and fundraising was nice to get away for a day and just enjoy each other and God's creation.

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sarah in the woods said...

Those are the most creative, beautiful school pics I've ever seen. I was going to say, " I especially like . . .", but I couldn't pick one. They are all so gorgeous.