Monday, July 18, 2011


I am aching to do this.....

I'm so happy Chad got to go hold our kids! I'm glad they got to be with him and be loved by him and get to know him. They are so blessed to have him as a daddy! Oh but my heart is aching so bad lately! I just can't wait to be with them. I can't wait for them to be with us! I dream about it at night and think about it during the day. The boys talk about them all day. Everything we do, we imagine how it will be when they are here. I know God has a reason for this waiting. We're drawing close to Him in this time. But, at the same time, praying for Him to work quickly. I wish I could say I've handled this all really well...but, honestly this has brought out the ugliest parts in me. Hopefully that ugliness is being sifted out little by little so I can be more like Him. We're so thankful for your prayers! We've been blessed overwhelmingly this past week and we're thankful for that too! I can't wait until I can share pictures on here without covering up their beautiful faces. :)

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