Monday, July 4, 2011

Catching a Cicada and Saying Good-bye to the Ducks

The kids have been having fun catching bugs lately. This cicada was almost all the way out of it's shell when the boys found it so they were able to catch it before it flew away. They are so creepy looking!

Our ducks had started to become a neighborhood nuisance. Our neighbors liked them for the most part...they thought they were cute and funny. However, the ducks discovered one of our neighbor's swimming pools and decided to go for a swim, eat some of their flowers, and leave behind a big mess. So, keeping them was no longer an option. There is a garden center in Maryville with a big pond and they said they would take them. Well, when we got the ducks out there 2 other ducks came out of nowhere. One of them drug one of our ducks into the water and they both got on top of him trying to drown him! The kids were screaming and we all were horrified. Chad was able to kick the ducks off and save Oreo. Then, I remembered a homeschool mom I met with a farm and pond...luckily she was wanting ducks so they took them. I know they'll be happy there! We'll miss them but, it's nice knowing they are in a good place. :o)

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Jolene said...

So cute!! Kids and bugs just make me giggle!! Praying for your adoption process!!!