Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our First Spring

I've really been enjoying our first spring in this house. It's fun to see flowers pop up that you didn't know were there. We've had fun working on the property as a family. We've had a great time raising our first chicks and ducks. We're sad that we lost 5 chicks to a dog last week. It was really sad, but, we've learned some life lessons. We're loving our ducks....and they love US. Especially me. I think they think I'm their mama. They follow me around...waddling as fast as they can. It's so cute! I just love them. I'm nervous because there is a a hawk that stays around. We found a squirrel that he ate yesterday. Hopefully there are enough squirrels to keep him away from our ducks. I keep envisioning our two other children with us...I cannot wait to get them here! We are so ready for school to be over! It's been hard for us all to get motivated to get things done. I'm trying to make things more fun and take frequent bike rides and walks in the woods to break up the school day. We have great plans for the summer! But...first things first.

Luke was trying to catch the ducks and ended up knee deep in the mud.

These little inch worms are hanging from the trees everywhere. We end up with them all over us because we walk right into them.

My goal for the summer is not to use my dryer or air conditioner. Not using the dryer is the most likely to happen...but, I'm going to try my hardest!

The view from our back porch. :o)

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