Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today we had a great day at church with friends. Then, we headed down to Water Angels. It was a great service. It was awesome watching God work. I was talking to a lady that is so sweet. She has such an awesome testimony of being delivered from drugs , alcohol, and prostitution. She's working hard, but, getting paid minimum wage. God has really worked to restore so much in her life and things are getting better and better. As we talked she said that she felt like she was supposed to give us a tv to sell. She said she saved and saved for this flatscreen t.v. but realized that it's not important and she's never been so sure of anything as she was about giving it to us. So she walked us over to her house and loaded it up. It's so humbling and I pray God blesses her richly!

I wonder if I would have done the same....

It's been awesome looking through more pictures of our kids. A family from our church is in Africa now and they took the time to hold our little girl and read the letters we wrote to her. So sweet!!!

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sarah in the woods said...

I love hearing all this good news. God is so good!