Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Step of Faith

I posted this on my photography site, so I'm just copying it to over here. I need to actually "say" it so I can't back out when I get overwhelmed. This is something that is impossible for us...but, we know that God can do.

Before my husband and I were married, 8 years ago, we felt like God had called us to adopt. We didn't know from where, or when or anything else...we just had a burden for children that needed a family. We've explored different things, event completed the foster care class, but it seemed like circumstances in our life always put it on hold. Well, now is the time. It's time for us to not look at our circumstances. We have to get our eyes off of the huge amount of money it takes to rescue a child and our lack of money. God has called us to care for the orphans....that means HE WILL PROVIDE! We are so excited! I got to witness the homecoming of two orphans from Ghana today. It was so amazing. I can't wait for that day.

We have decided that the profits from my business will go to our adoption fund from now until we bring them home. So, I just wanted my clients to know that your money will be going to help bring a child into a family that will love it with all their hearts. For us, that means that things will be tighter and we won't really have extra money, but, we're having faith that God will bless that! I've decided to take on a couple more shoots before the end of the year to help us get things rolling.

We'll be adopting from Togo or Ghana, Africa. We're still trying to decide on agency and all of that stuff. Of course I will keep you updated. Prayers are appreciated!!!

This is the little girl, Alexie, that we sponsor right now. She could end up being who we adopt, but, we really don't know at this point.

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Jessica said...

i pulled up all your old posts on my computer so i could catch up. . .i had NO CLUE the adoption auction was for you??? where have i been! you are such an inspring person. . .mom, teacher, photographer. . . .i hope you know that! happy new year! :)