Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BIG Weekend

First of all...this was the scene last week in the boys' bedroom. They love making forts and hideouts. I've been noticing lately that their imaginations have taken off even more since we turned off our tv. Now they just watch a movie here and there. They don't really get bored like they used to. They always find something to do or a book to read. Ethan gets up in the mornings and gets out whatever book he's reading and gets comfy on the couch. He'll often carry it around wherever we go and not stop while he's walking. I love it!

We've also been working hard around the house. The woods are pretty thick in spots and the house is actually pretty old. So...there was a lot of junk that had been thrown out and then gotten overgrown. So, we spent some time clipping barbed wire and piling up the junk to take to the dump.

This weekend was very eventful. Chad and the boys went to the Cub Scouts Pumpkin Palooza Friday night. They did all kinds of cool stuff.

Shooting a bb gun....

Obstacle course....

Making apple cider...

Learning about fire safety...

Then, Saturday we picked up Jaqwan and William. Later, the Rodgers came over. We have a tradition of getting together and having a campfire on Halloween every year. This year we did it at our house. The boys had a blast cutting down trees and taking rides on the mower. I think they enjoyed the fire the most. We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. The kids played in the leaves forever!

Luke was very serious about whatever he was doing with that roaster.

J and W brought their costumes. William literally slept in his...I think he likes it.

Sunday night we hung out around the fire for a couple of hours...just the 4 of us. I love fall. I love our new place. And..I love the family and friends that God has blessed me with!

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