Monday, October 11, 2010

Party Time!

Below you can see a little slideshow of Luke. He's playing his air guitar and dancing his little heart out! The speakers around the park were playing "Who Let the Dogs Out". Last week we picked up our little buddies and headed over to World's Fair Park for a small birthday party for Jaqwan. We all had so much fun! We laughed so hard and the kids danced and ran through the fountains. It was a special night and one we will remember for a long time.

Look at those muscles!!!!

Luke enjoyed some birthday cake....

Ethan had been saving up his money (and doing extra jobs) to buy himself a hermit crab and all the stuff that goes with it. He talked about it all the time! Well, the day we went to get Jaqwan's birthday stuff, Ethan said that he wanted to take his money and buy him a Bible instead of a hermit crab. So, he spent ever penny of his money on a Bible for his friend. I'm so thankful that God is working in his heart. Jaqwan was so excited about it too!

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