Monday, October 18, 2010

An Eventful Day

Saturday was a great day for the most part. I had a shoot first thing, then Luke and I head out to Shining Stars at Water Angels. Meanwhile, Chad and Ethan went for a hike with the Cub Scouts to Look Rock. Then we all got home and worked around the house. Luke then took a ride down the zip line and smack into a tree. So, we all made a trip to Children's Hospital. Fortunately, after some xrays of his skull, we found out he had not fractured his skull. So, we headed home at about 10pm. I know that God was watching over fast and as hard as he flew into that tree, he should have broken his nose or something! We are blessed and so thankful!

Ethan has an awesome Cub Scout Leader...he seems like a great guy and is great with the boys.

Doesn't look so bad here...he had a pretty big bump and today he's got a bit of a black eye.