Monday, October 25, 2010


Saturday night we picked up Dada and Jeremiah so we could hang out for a little while. The plan was to go to World's Fair Park, but, we forgot about the UT game so we headed over to the botanical gardens. The boys just ran and ran and ran....that includes Chad! He raced with them, spun them around, etc. We took our dinner, but, most of the time the boys ate on the run. The leaves were great there...beautiful and fun to play in. We played until it was pitch black and headed back. We hung out with all of the boys and their granny for a little bit. Jaqwan left Chad the sweetest voicemail ended with "I love you Mr. Chad". We really love them too. :o)

When we were in this little old house, Jeremiah looked at Chad and said, "This my house!! You better get out my house now!". He's so funny. He tells me on the phone..."you got come pick me up"...over and over.


sarah in the woods said...

We were there Saturday evening too. Had a great time. They gave us a 2 hr parking pass. I wanted to try to get another after our time was up but it was starting to get really crowded so we went over to Ijams. Must have just missed you.

TheBowlingFamily said...

Aww...wish we could have seen you guys. We just parked at the back and hung out there. We're wanting to go back to Ijams soon and explore some more.