Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Crazy Week: Nature Walks, Family, and Friends

This past week was CRAZY! We've still been trying to get things moved and put away. I thought I had things under control...but, I forgot about the stuff we still had in storage. Anyways, we've been enjoying our new home. The people we bought the house from live just up the hill from us. They have some animals that they keep in the pasture right next to our property. We took a walk to see them the other day. There are four donkeys and one blind pony. The boys were wanting to pet it but it took off when Sweet Pea started barking.

Then, Friday night we had some of our friends come spend the night. We met these boys at Water Angels...they live right behind the church. We love these little guys. There are actually 5 brothers, but, I was only brave enough to keep 4. The youngest stayed home with his granny. We also had my sisters and their kids over Friday evening for pizza. So, we had 11 kids. They had so much fun running around in the yard. Every gun, sword, blow gun, and even the guitars got pulled out. They had a blast! Chad is awesome with these kids. They absolutely LOVE him. I had shoots on Saturday so Chad got all 6 kids ready and took them to Shining Stars. I know a lot of guys wouldn't have been able to do that, but, he was great! He's a great dad to our kids and other's.

Just watching the donkeys.

Sweet Pea had a blast with the kids. She was actually the one being chased this time.

Jaquan was cracking us up with this wig on!

All the boys cuddled up watching a movie. (Jaquan was on the other couch)

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