Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ethan is all about anything to do with survival, hunting, trapping, etc.   He read a book about making shelters and spent all Sunday afternoon making this shelter out of a tarp.   All the kids wanted to sleep in it.  Since I knew they wouldn't stay out all night, I said that was fine.  Well...Christy and Moses were inside before too long.  Ethan and Luke, however, proved me wrong.   It got down in the 40's but they just bundled up and went right to sleep after reading and chatting.   I, on the hand, didn't sleep a wink because I was so worried about them.   I went out 5 or 6 times throughout the night to make sure they were still there (Luke has a tendency to sleep walk).  I kept telling myself they were fine and nothing would get them, but, I couldn't help but worry.   I really was so proud of them, though and I think they were proud of themselves.  

We got our two new packages of small cell bees installed.  I'm really praying they will do well.  It's frustrating starting from scratch, but, we've learned some valuable lessons.   Our chicks are all getting so big!  We're ready for one of our hens to go broody so we can hatch some of our own again.

I think the Gold-Laced Wyandottes are so pretty!  Luke's pretty cute too. :)

We've been brewing lots and lots of Kombucha.   The kids and Chad just love it!  This time we tried peach and strawberry.  They all thought it was delicious.

We've been listening to the Wrens singing in our yard.  They are SO loud and have so many different sounds.   They had us fooled for a few weeks.  We couldn't figure out what we were hearing but it turned out to be one of them.   We were excited and thought it might be something new for us!  Oh well.

The baby wrens are gone and the Chickadee eggs hatched yesterday.  They are adorable!  We love watching the mom and dad take such good care of them.   We're now watching a Robin on her nest.  We can't wait to see her babies!

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