Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nature Walk

After hanging out for a few hours at the Wye, we headed up past Tremont to do a hike we've never done before.   It turned out to be more of a nature walk, as usual, but, it was great!  There was a beautiful waterfall and so much interesting stuff along the way.   The kids were so excited and declared this their favorite place to go!  We climbed down to the waterfall, which was not easy.  I took a pretty hard fall and my camera slammed on the rocks.  I was so surprised that it still worked!  The waterfall was really unique, nothing huge or spectacular...just different.  The kids think we're going to bring our tube and tube down it!  They caught so many salamanders.  Beautiful butterflies were everywhere.   We heard lots of different birds but only spotted one...we're not sure what it was.     We spotted Caddisflies mating, an empty dragonfly nymph skin, lots of flowers we've never seen before, what we think was some kind of slime mold, and much more.     The kids wanted to go drive through the loop after that, but, it was already after 6pm and we're going back tomorrow morning for bird banding.   I think the mountains...or just being out in our happy place.   What a great day.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, Pipevine Swallowtail, and Red Spotted Purple.


Shovel-Nosed Salamander (pretty sure?)

Blue Ridge Two-Lined Salamander

Shovel-Nosed Salamander

Spirobolid Millipede (or two?)

Would love to find out what this stuff was growing on this vine.  Looks like some type of slime mold?

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