Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I think Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.  Just when I'm getting sick of the heat, Fall brings the needed change.  Just when we're tired of being cooped up and we've eaten the last of the veggies from last year's garden, here comes Spring!  My problem is I'm so impatient.   I can't wait to plant my garden, so I plant things WAY too early.  Then, everyday I go out to check on everything and see if there's anything new.   I keep envisioning how things will look in a month. I can't wait for the chicks to grow up so they'll start laying eggs.   We lost all of our bees this winter, so we're starting from scratch.  It's going to be REALLY hard to wait for honey again!   Those baby wrens in my row cover in the shed are SO cute.  But...when are they going to hurry up and leave the nest so I can clean out the shed and use my row covers on the garden???   I'm trying to stop and live in the moment.  To enjoy things as they are.  I'm realizing that time is going by so fast.   So, I am working on cherishing each moment with my family and seeing the beauty in what's around me...just the way things are.   

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