Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We got a lot done this past week!   Ethan had to have 4 teeth pulled.   That was not so fun, but, he recovered amazingly fast. 

Chad's dad also came up from Georgia to help us get some stuff done around the new house.  He helped build a triple bunk for the boys room.  They LOVE it.  It's like a huge fort in their room.  It still needs to be painted and I want to give them each a little place to keep their books and a light.  

While they were building beds, the kids and I took all of our moving boxes out and laid out 3 garden beds.   We raked up leaves and covered the beds with leaves and peat moss.  I'm hoping to get some manure and compost to add.   I can't wait to plant our garden this year!   

We also got our bees moved.  We are so surprised that we have both of our colonies from last spring.  A lot of beekeepers lost their bees this year.   I'll be so excited if we can get some honey this year!

Of course, we have also done a lot of birding.  My kids have totally rubbed off on me and I think I'm more obsessed with birds than they are now.   It's not uncommon for us to turn around while driving to get a better look at a bird.  We've been taking several breaks from school to go out and check out new birds.   I need to keep all of the blinds in the house closed until school is done!  

We have LOTS to do at our new place, but, it felt good to get so much done this week!

Great Blue Heron

Belted Kingfisher

Eastern Towhee

Female Downy Woodpecker

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Eastern Bluebird


sarah in the woods said...

Have you heard about the owls? http://stephenlynbales.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-short-eared-winter.html?m=1

TheBowlingFamily said...

Yes! We actually went and saw them. Have you gone to see them? My camera battery was dead. I'd love to go back again...it's really neat. There were two owls and a northern harrier that we stood and watched fly all around us for a long time.