Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Snow Day

Last night the snow started to fall and this morning we woke up to 7 inches!   It was great snow for making snowmen and igloos.   It wasn't too cold out, so, we were all outside for hours!   

Last night I took a few pictures from our back door.  It was just so beautiful.  I wish I could capture it better.   I kept feeling like I was in scenes of Narnia. :)

This morning Sweet Pea went crazy.   She was stick her nose right down in the snow and then running as fast as she could.

There were some fierce snowball fights!

All the kids rolled the biggest snowballs ever for our snowman and then more for the igloo.

It was so big!  The kids kept adding stuff to him.  At one point he got arms and a hat.  He also got Christy's mittens, one of which is a sock.

Chad spotted some bird tracks.

I guess it turned out to be more of a fort than an igloo.

We had SO much fun!  On a totally different note, I discovered my first seedlings this afternoon!

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