Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lost in Translation

After almost a year, we still have everyday language barriers.   A question will be asked and you'll get a far off answer, or someone is told to do something and they do the opposite, etc.  Most of the time it's good for a much needed laugh.

Once someone told Christy she was adorable and she got mad and said, "I am not!".   

Well, at least every other day she asks how long until her birthday and tells us what she wants for her birthday.   Today she said it again and I did not feel like counting so I said, "Christy....your birthday is not for a long, long time, ok?".  She immediately starts jumping up and down and yelling that her birthday is "not for a long time"!   Poor thing.  WHen I cleared it up that I actually meant it will be a long time before her birthday, she was really disappointed.  

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