Monday, August 27, 2012

Fishin' and Farms

Over the weekend, we drove down to Decatur to visit Chad's mamaw.   Chad's dad's family drove up there from Atlanta and we hung out for the day.  There's always some fishing in her her little lake and LOTS of good southern food!  

I just have to mention that I was the only person to catch a fish that day. :)

Today we were invited to go on a field trip with a friend's co-op.  We went to the McBee's Dairy Farm.  It was so fun!   The kids got to see and pet pigs, calves, and goats.  THey even got to milk a goat!  

It's funny as I think about my experiences growing up and how different they are from what my kids are experiencing.  Growing up in southwest Florida, my field trips were to places like the beach, the Shell factory, or canoeing down a river full of gators.    We'd go to the beach and collect sea urchins, anemones, crabs, sea horses, etc and put them in a big aquarium in our classroom.  I loved our canoeing trips.   There was nothing like your boat getting stuck on the bottom of the river and you have to get out and push it for a ways while a gator is just feet from you....finding shark teeth in the river, etc.  I have to say, though, that I LOVE Tennessee.  I'm so thankful my kids get to live here.  It's such a beautiful place.  

Poor Chad never actually gets to fish much these days.  He is usually putting on new bait, getting a line unstuck, or something like that.  

Since Chad's dad can't make it to Christy's upcoming 7th birthday party, we celebrated with him.  It was so touching.  This is the first time anyone has ever celebrated Christy's birthday.  That's hard to even imagine!  She was beaming.  I can't wait for her party!

These calves' faces were cracking me up!

At the end of our tour we got homemade ice cream made with the raw milk from this farm.  It was SO good!

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The Runyans said...

Awesome pics. . . i havent even pulled my card out of my camera!! happy happy birthday to christy!!!!