Saturday, December 3, 2011

A few weeks ago, we decided that I should go to Ghana to file paperwork for our adoption.  I was so excited!  It was like when you're pregnant and are about to meet your baby for the first time.   The long trip over was so worth it!    At the airport, I was quickly introduced to some of the corruption in Ghana.   One of the customs workers threatened to search my bags if I did not give her my chocolate, toffee, and chewing gum.  Luckily all of the snacks for my mom and the kids were hidden well and I had  pack of gum handy.  I handed it over and my bags were quickly zipped up and I was sent on my way (I didn't have anything to hide!  Just wanted to go see my kids and not have to unpack and pack again!).    I was then greeted by my mom and our POA.  It was great to see her!  We hopped in the taxi and headed to the orphanage.   Ghana was a lot like I had pictured.   It was VERY hot and humid.  THe driving is absolutely insane.   The people are beautiful and friendly for the most part.

On the way, mom told me that she was telling Christy that she was going to the airport to pick me up.  Christy just kept saying, "She's not coming".   Poor thing has to have her guard up so much!

Well, when I opened the gate...before I could take more than 2 steps...she hit my legs and wrapped herself around them!  It was precious. I didn't even see her coming!  Then there was Bernard.   I just hugged them as tight as I could.  It was better than I could have imagined to finally be with them!   There were several times that Christy and I just looked deep into each other's eyes for a long time.   There was such a flood of emotions.  

Then other children started to approach.  It was so exciting to finally meet these children that I felt I already knew!   I started to yell their names and hug them....they just looked at me like I was crazy!   I loved being able to love on them all.  

I sat and held Bernard and he fell asleep in my arms pretty quickly!  One of the highlights of my trip.

The kids all sang and danced for me.  They are beautiful, beautiful children.  Some of them seem hopeless.  Some are full of joy and life.

As I sat and looked at each one of them.  It hit me that not one of them HAD to be there!   I know of enough families in my town alone....that if they would answer the call to adopt....there would be no orphans at this home!   It's unnecessary for one single child there to not know the hope of Christ and the love of a family.   I'm praying for people to rise what is hard and uncomfortable.   A few weeks ago when we were going through a hard time with our adoption...I was thinking how hard it is.  I felt God spoke to my heart to stop whining.  Yes...adoption is far from easy, it's unpredictable, and very expensive.  But, all of these are such lame excuses compared to the lives that so many orphans are condemned to live if we do not adopt!   I feel that we are without excuse!  We think it's hard for us?   It's not about US!   

We headed to our hotel room.  It was like we had always been together.  I was amazed at how quickly we  bonded.  Immediately, Bernard wanted to start sleeping on my chest.   He is cuddly and so sweet.  He has the cutest little giggle and snorts when he laughs!   He's also quite the little stinker.    He's very smart and started repeating everything and said many new words while I was there.

Christy is gorgeous!  She has amazing eyes.  She's HILARIOUS!  She's is stubborn and strong-willed.  She has a beautiful heart and loves to give and share with her friends.   She definitely tested me....and we had several embarrassing moments in public! lol.   She brings such joy.  Even our taxi drivers would make comments like, "she's very clever".   They also had to tell her to be quiet and sit down!    It seemed like everywhere we went people were either laughing at her or scolding her.   I adore her.   I adore them both and cannot wait until they are home.

We had so much fun.  We went swimming, shopping, watched movies, and just hung out.   As the time approached for me to leave, I started to prepare Christy.   She never would accept it...just always said she would go with me.    

My last day there...we hung out at the home for several hours.  Her and Bernard both played with their friends.   Bernard seemed to just forget about me when we were there.  At the hotel I couldn't go in the bathroom without him banging on the door and crying for me.  I thought he wouldn't even notice I was gone now.    I grabbed him and hugged him and kissed him for awhile...but he just wanted to play.  I took Christy in my mom's room and we talked and cried.   She broke my heart.   Her quiet cries spoke so much to me...she's waited too long.   She needs to come home.   When my taxi pulled up and hugged her one last time.  My mom stayed there with her and I heard her cries turn to sobbing.   I picked Bernard up and hugged and kissed him and sat him back down to play.  As I started to get into the taxi he started screaming and ran to me.   I grabbed him and tried to comfort him, but couldn't.  SOmeone had to pull him off of me.   I had to get in a car and leave with my babies crying out for me.  It is more than I can handle.  It feels SO WRONG!   Nothing feels right now.   I am struggling with feelings of guilt.    I miss them so much.    I want to be there for them....but I can't.  I'm half a world away.

Please pray for our kids!   Pray for our adoption to go smoothly and quickly.   Pray for the rest of those children.  Pray about what God would have you do.  

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Mae said...

We're adopting from Ghana too! Just found your blog through Anita's. Looks like we were in Ghana around the same time :) We met our beautiful little girl on December 5th :) Now just waiting for court. Good luck in your journey- my prayers go out to your precious family!