Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today we received a HUGE APPROVAL!   When I recently traveled to Ghana I filed our I-600.   We were not expecting an approval for another month and a half or so.   But, after just 23 days...we got our approval!   This means our kids could potentially come home in a month!   I'm still in shock.  When I opened the email I started crying and laughing and had to read it over and over.  Then I had to call my friend and make sure it said what I thought it did!   I kind of lost control screaming and running around.   The boys came running and when I told them the news they started jumping up and down!    We are SO CLOSE!   I know there could still be obstacles...but, I'm thankful God has brought us this huge step closer!   We cannot wait until we're all together at last!  

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sarah in the woods said...

YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! Praise God! It's so wonderful to hear good news about your kids.
Love your new header too.