Thursday, October 20, 2011


My boys both have a stubborn streak.  For awhile, meal times have been a battle with Luke. 
First of all...he can't seem to stop using his shirt instead of a napkin.   So, we made him take his shirt off at mealtime.  We'll see if that works.  

Secondly, he either just "isn't hungry" or he wants to talk and play the whole time. 
Last night, he "wasn't hungry" so he had to sit there until he ate his food.  He ended up sitting there until almost bedtime and missed out on playing games. 

He's always been the kind of kid that, if he doesn't want to do something...well, the consequences are well worth it to him.  

This parenting business has a way of making me very desperate for God's grace and wisdom!
It's a daily  battle to make sure I'm shepherding my children's hearts instead of just handing out consequences for things that are inconvenient for me.  I'm thankful God is patient with me...I really blow it most days.  

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